Challenges: A Fast-Paced and Bustling Healthcare Organization

As an industry leader in supply chain management software, Hybrent offers solutions in spend management and invoice automation that are laser-focused on cutting workforce time and simplifying the healthcare purchasing process. With an emphasis on smooth operations, Hybrent offers functionality on mobile devices, tablets, and computers. Today, more than 10,000 healthcare facilities use Hybrent to manage their supply chain and invoicing.

Davam Urgent Care is a thriving chain of urgent care clinics serving people in The Woodlands Region of the greater Houston Metropolitan Area. With two established locations and another about to open, the Davam organization has about 50 employees and serves between 80 and 130 patients every day, seven days a week.

It’s a fast-paced healthcare environment dedicated to treating a wide range of non-life-threatening medical conditions, with testing technology onsite. Since 2014, Davam has emphasized the needs of its customers by offering walk-in and online appointments and a membership payment model. Keeping a focus on the communities in which it works, the organization also gives back through community sponsorships.

A bustling healthcare organization like Davam Urgent Care uses a wide range and high volume of medical supplies. It’s an environment that demands preparation and flexibility. Streamlined and reliable inventory management, invoicing, reporting, and integration are keys to operations and a reliable bottom line.

Davam has joined the ranks of healthcare companies utilizing Hybrent solutions that have led to more than 82,500 hours saved (and counting) in processing organizational invoices in an industry where every minute saved can be redirected to patient care and community impact.

Results: Continuing to Clarify, Learn, and Grow

Business officers and clinical staff alike in busy healthcare organizations focus on inventory management, invoicing, reporting, and integration as they manage their current activity levels and look ahead to challenges both predictable and unforeseen.

For Davam, working with Hybrent meant looking at their existing inventory management as they made the technological transition to the new system. Davam and Hybrent worked together in ensuring the process was as smooth as possible, but there were challenges around the urgent care’s existing inventory. The previous lack of a robust inventory management system meant there would be quite a bit of inventory clean up as part of their new integration with Hybrent.

“I recommend that organizations starting out with Hybrent clean up their inventory list before entering them into Hybrent—you should only have what you want to count in the system,” said Tanguay.

Like other medical care organizations, Davam has faced supply chain management issues over the past couple of years that have made total clarity difficult to achieve.

“I really think that if COVID hadn’t been such an issue, then that probably wouldn’t have been something I’d have thought about,” added Tanguay. “But COVID has really made a mess of everyone’s supply chain.”

When Davam Urgent Care staff were preparing to transition to Hybrent, they initiated their cycle count individually, item by item, and printed barcodes alongside each count. They ran into difficulties because, during supply chain shortages, they had received items outside of their usual orders—purchasing out of necessity, and sometimes ordering items from multiple vendors in order to have adequate inventory. This made it difficult to get an adequate overall picture when they were making the transition.

“After that whole process, we were thinking of what a better way would be,” said Denise Yuen, Business Development Specialist at Davam. “That’s when we realized it would be better to have just accurately counted all the items we had before moving to barcodes. One of the things that would have made it smoother using Hybrent would have been to have our list of uploaded items really cleaned up before we even started.”

No one at Davam felt as though they were on their own as they organized existing inventory in anticipation of enjoying Hybrent’s organizational and accountability benefits. Success always comes through partnerships, and both Yuen and Tanguay point to Hybrent’s online training sessions as a major help in getting their inventory where it needed to be.

“I really recommend those sessions, they’re very helpful,” said Yuen. “The training representative was able to screen-share and walk us through things. Those were very helpful, and he was very knowledgeable. He was able to answer almost all our questions and help us with the process of how to do a cycle count, among other things.”

“He was really good at giving us real-life problem-solving tips,” added Tanguay. “We could bring a specific question and ask him the best way to track it, or count it, or what to do in that situation. He would walk us through some options for specific things, which was really nice, since this is our first time using an inventory system like this.”

Davam Urgent Care continues to expand its use of Hybrent, as well as its scope of operations, to better serve its patients and communities with spirit, efficiency, and skill.

Solutions: Smooth and Simplified Inventory

For multi-site, high-volume healthcare organizations such as Davam Urgent Care, spend management and invoice automation is a matter of urgent necessity. And it’s all about functionality and accessibility of use.

“One of the main reasons we’ve brought in Hybrent is for its real-time inventory count,” said Maddie Tanguay, Davam Urgent Care chief nursing officer. “We get notifications when we’re under par level, which prompts us to order. It’s a much more user-friendly system than the one we had previously. I feel it’s much more intuitive. Just to print something as simple as a barcode on our previous system took—and I’m not even exaggerating—probably ten or fifteen clicks.”

Not only is Davam bustling seven days a week, but they’re also growing. Accurate and reliable spend and invoicing help make that possible while keeping the business office happy. Healthcare organizations that use Hybrent gain benefits such as:

  • All vendors collated on a single website interface
  • One-click ordering for vendors to fulfill
  • Comparison shopping on the site, with templates and automatic ordering
  • Automated approval workflows and shipping information tracking
  • Barcode tech to send and receive in real time.

“I feel like so many things in Hybrent are just so much simpler,” Tanguay. “I love how you can change the unit of use measurements right there. That kind of thing is so handy for us, because some stuff we go through fast and some stuff we go through slower—and that can change how we scan them out. Being able to change the units easily is really nice.”

Davam inventory management also benefits from integration. “I love that we can now have all our vendors on one platform,” added Tanguay. “And I really love the idea of all the product images being on there. When the staff is ordering things, they can visually confirm that they’re really ordering what they need. Sometimes product descriptions can be so vague and random from the vendors that you don’t really know what you’re getting.”