Materials Management

Get the digital insights you need to ensure you have the right inventory at the right place at the right time.

Maximize Workforce Productivity with Intelligent Automation

Improve caregiver readiness with alerts on when to order, how much to order, and where to stock materials with real-time digital tracking and monitoring.

Make mismanaged inventory a thing of the past

Get a clear view of your physical inventory with flexible access to the leading healthcare procurement software.

Partial Receiving

Replace paper packing slips with automatic digital verification that allows you to track individual items delivered through one or multiple shipments so that you accurately follow and only pay for what you received.

Periodic Automatic Replenishment

PAR or Periodic Automatic Replenishment Levels ensure you always have the minimum amount of inventory required to meet the demand from your patients and residents while providing a cushion in case of unexpected needs.

Cycle Counting Reports

Custom cycle counting and digital inventory reports provide a window into your physical inventory across multiple locations with an exact dollar amount of what is sitting on your shelves to identify any cases of over or under-ordering.

Scan In and Out (Inventory Transfers)

When moving inventory from one location to another, Scan In and Out lets you keep track of this movement and ensures you’re only invoiced for those products at the location they were initially purchased.

Custom Dashboards and Reporting

Keep an eye on your inventory with built-in reporting that allows you to view active product lists, product purchasing history, or any other metrics that matter to your business on mobile and desktop. Unlike other solutions, you can request custom reports outside the standard set that allows you to keep track of what matters most.

Expiration Dates and Lot Numbers

Automatically integrating LOT numbers or the unique identifier assigned to each batch of items allows you to track and identify expiration dates for each product to remain compliant with auditing guidelines and ensure front-line medical teams aren’t using any expired goods.


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How Smarter Inventory Management and Procurement Partners Save You Money and Time

This is how we help you manage your inventory more accurately and efficiently.

Eliminate excess spending and prevent fraud with the only all-in-one tool that delivers detailed reports on inventory discrepancies that reduce the risk and added costs of inventory shrinkage, storage, expired goods, or inaccurate stock forecasting.
The ability to quickly pinpoint the exact location and quantity of materials saves your team time locating and tracking items and ensures medical staff has the right materials and equipment at the right time to care for patients in the most efficient and timely manner.
Not sure what metrics to track or how to start simplifying your inventory management processes? Our team helps you set up the dashboards aligned to your business goals with expert training and support to maximize your software investment.

"I’m monitoring inventory from afar and making sure each facility is stocked with what they need," he explains. "There’s a lot of buy-in from the field because they no longer have to place orders for specific items. The system does it. It gives me that flexibility, transparency, and control over supplies."

- Director of Procurement, Medical center

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