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Procurement Partner suppliers are integral to creating an extensive network and complete digital marketplace where thousands of buyers and suppliers interact to spend billions of dollars on goods and supplies annually.

Leave overcomplicated, manual processes and unnecessary expenses behind with dynamic automation and standardization, saving you time and money.

Decades of industry experience in supplier management and medical procurement have led us to create a dynamic supplier network that gives healthcare providers better access to thousands of suppliers to overcome challenges in the general marketplace.

This mutually beneficial network allows buyers to: 

As a result, this helps suppliers:

Supplier Categories

 From Med-Surg to MRO to Healthcare Specialty to Dietary and beyond, we’ve established connections with suppliers that meet our customers’ procurement needs across the continuum of care.


Post-acute care customers know that having access to the proper dietary suppliers and managing spend in one place is crucial.

Healthcare Specialty

 Healthcare specialty suppliers ensure timely access to the specialized medical products, equipment, and resources that facilities require to cater to the specific medical needs of patients.


In healthcare, we understand that organizational and spend management needs extend beyond medical supply into maintenance, repair, and operations.


Ambulatory surgical center customers need unique access to precise surgical supplies that are mandatory to meet the demands for consistency in the ASC environment.

The Power of our Network at Work


Supplier Connections


Invoices processed annually


Annual spend flowing through our platforms 

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The Procurement Partners Supplier Network Advantage

Supplier network solutions support our customers’ needs every step of the way, all while nurturing essential supplier relationships.

These key features optimize the entire procure-to-pay process, eliminating purchasing, inventory management, and e-invoicing headaches, saving customers time and money. 

Establish and nurture relationships with suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and service providers for favorable terms, priority access to supplies, and discounts.
Reduce legal risks and ensure adherence to regulatory and compliance requirements in the healthcare industry.
Use data analytics to identify cost-saving opportunities, track performance, and make data-driven decisions.
Accelerate payment processes, ensuring timely payments to suppliers while managing cash flow effectively.
Automating manual tasks and reducing errors allow healthcare professionals to dedicate more time to patient care.
Easily scale your procurement and payment processes to meet the evolving needs of your healthcare organization.
Optimize inventory levels, reduce waste, and ensure that essential medical supplies are readily available.

Before we had no oversight into what was being purchased without logging on to numerous individual accounts. Now we have meaningful oversight.

- Corporate Project Manager, NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals

Discover how pairing industry-leading software guided by human experts can maximize your results and deliver immediate and measurable cost savings beginning with invoices and accounts payable.

Integration Types

We send and receive patient data using secure HIPAA-compliant tools.
Systematically send purchase orders and receive invoices through processes like EDI or cXML and support flat file integrations for invoicing and email integrations for ordering.
We support both punch-out and hosted catalogs for ordering. This allows customers and vendors to offer as much product information as necessary.
If a vendor cannot accommodate an EDI or cXML integration, we offer an online vendor portal for processing invoices through an API from various ERP systems.

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