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Supplier Benefits

Procurement Partners is one of the most flexible Procure-to-Pay systems available. We have our own proprietary middleware as well as a team of experienced integration analysts that work to make the integration process as simple as possible. Ultimately, suppliers benefit from an integration with Procurement Partners through increased supplier and formulary compliance, reduced efforts servicing customers, and faster payments and visibility into invoice statuses.

Integration Options

There are several options for integrating into the Procurement Partners network.


These Integrations offer suppliers a first-class automated solution to handle almost every aspect of the purchasing process. We aim to ensure the best experience for both our suppliers and customers. If you are looking to explore these integration options further and begin the process, please contact us so we can discuss the individualized plan for your company.

Purchase Order Integrations

With Purchase Order Integrations, Procurement Partners has eliminated the paper and email trail typically left by the ordering process. Purchase Orders are now automatically uploaded right from the Procurement Partners system into your ordering processing software. That, in conjunction with one button confirmations, give suppliers lightning fast interactions with their customers, giving them an experience above all your competitors.

Invoice Integration

Using Invoice Integration, you can send your invoices directly into your customers’ Procurement Partners system. Through an automatic reconciliation process, customers can match the POs with your invoices and solve any potential pricing, quantity or item conflicts. The easier the invoicing process, the quicker you can get paid!

Price API

The Price API gives Procurement Partners real time access to supplier pricing and stock levels so we can provide our users with the most up to date information on all of the items they are ordering.

Price and Product Integrations

Price and Product Integrations allow you to update your customers' pricing and product information all through Procurement Partners. Customers no longer need to worry about bid sheets and constantly reaching out to you for the new information. Price and Product Integrations also allow you to avoid the unwanted pricing and item discrepancies on incoming purchase orders.

Punch-Out Integrations

Punch-Out allows your customers to shop directly from your website, while still creating a PO in the Procurement Partners. This is a great way for users to shop for new items they have not purchased before or find a substitute that still fits their needs. You benefit from the customer retention as well as the correct product information for the items ordered through punch-out!

Catalog Integrations

Our Catalog Integrations will provide customers the ability to order any item hosted in your catalog. The best part is, all items will have all the most recent pricing, pack size, availability etc. so you never have to worry about incorrect, out of date purchase orders again. Procurement Partners is also in the process of building a marketplace that will allow you to display your entire catalog to any customer. With this increase in visibility, you will find the business generated through Procurement Partners increase dramatically. Through both the Catalogs and this marketplace Procurement Partners will be able to increase the utilization from your current customers and help break through the barriers preventing you from reaching the untapped new customer base.

Confirmation Integrations

We offer email confirmations to always keep your customer in the loop!
We setup a file exchange so you can send us:
1) confirmation of purchase order receipt, which will let your customer know you have received their order
2) Item and price validations, which will correct discrepancies in product availability, pricing or other info and notify them of the changes
3) Shipping confirmation which will let the customer know when and from where the order is shipping

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