AP Automation

Save time and reduce costs with easy-to-use healthcare invoice and payment management software.

Harness the Power of Simple AP Automation to Transform Your Healthcare Finance Operations

Eliminate tedious paper invoices and manual processes with the AP automation platform that improves spend visibility, forecasting and supplier relationships.

Empower Your Team to Make Smarter Financial Decisions

Streamline procure-to-pay with the leading AP automation software for healthcare.

3-Way Matching

Appropriately vet and automate the matching of invoices with purchase orders and goods received notices. Reduce errors and the risk of fraud while saving money and complying with auditing requirements

100% Invoice Digitization with Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

PAR or Periodic Automatic Replenishment Levels ensure you always have the minimum amount of inventory required to meet the demand from your patients and residents while providing a cushion in case of unexpected needs.

Automatic Auditing and Approval

Easily manage chargebacks and credit disputes with a complete digital trail that flags duplicate and fraudulent invoices and receipt of damaged goods. All invoices are scrubbed and audited in the system automatically as they come in.

General Ledger Coding

Keep your  budget under control with a built-in history of all purchasing activities. Automatic GL coding gives you a complete view of every transaction and purchase category against your pre-set spending thresholds to help your team spend smarter.

On-Demand Support and Training

Get the most from your investment with comprehensive onboarding, live user training, and help desk support from healthcare procurement experts. Give team members access to live chat for fast answers to questions in the flow of work.

Actionable Data Insights and Reporting

Make informed purchasing decisions with real-time access to dashboards that track spending and forecast cash flow for you. Generate robust reports to surface budget impact trends and identify opportunities to optimize your productivity and financial approach.


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Explore how to automate everyday invoicing tasks with paperless document management, automatic PO matching, and payment reconciliation capabilities for a more secure, compliant, and budget-friendly approach to Accounts Payable.

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How Accounts Payable Automation and Procurement Partners save you valuable time and resources.

This is how we help you manage your inventory more accurately and efficiently.

Eliminating manual errors, optimizing cash flow management, and reducing paper-based processes with AP automation software lowers operating costs, reduces overspending, and ensures you only pay for what you should.
 Procurement Partners' SimpleAP software automates time-consuming procurement tasks, saving significant time on data entry and manual approval workflows, allowing your team to focus on what matters most.
Comprehensive onboarding and training help you unlock  the full value of your software investment and employ a full range of capabilities to streamline tasks like quickly accessing invoices, approvals, and payments.

"We’ve seen nearly a $200,000 savings from one year to the next"..."As of April 2023, NPH’s overall contracted spend has risen to 86%, a figure unthinkable before utilizing Procurement Partners."

- Erin Rempala, NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals, Corporate Project Manager

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