Supply chain management is just one of the many responsibilities Hybrent customers have as part of their overall job. Our goal is to help them manage this task more efficiently and let them focus on providing excellent patient care and running their healthcare facilities.

We’ve accomplished this by creating a system of seamless transition between departments for our customers. Our Implementation, Customer Service, Customer Success and Training teams provide the kind of service that makes us stand apart from other organizations.

This is how we do it:

The customer experience begins with the transition call from Sales to Implementation. Customers are assigned an implementation specialist who is their point-person through the entire project. During the call, the specialist reviews the customer’s goals, pain points and workflows to help create the framework for the project. 

A project plan is created outlining the tasks and responsibilities for both the customer and implementation teams to complete. This collaborative process includes data collection, integrations with clinical and AP applications when part of the project, site build and training, and testing the system prior to go-live. Once a project goes live, customers are transitioned to the Customer Service while Implementation continues to monitor the system. 

Customer Service

Customer Service offers users several help options depending on the customer’s needs. If users prefer to self-help, the team will provide them with links to documents and videos on our Knowledge Base. Customer Service also enjoys taking people step-by-step through their own instances of the software to enable them to learn things using their own data. 

Having a customer service team that responds quickly but also solves the problem in the fewest amount of steps is something Hybrent prides itself on, which is why we make it easy for our customers to reach us via phone, chat or email.

Customer Success reaches out to our customers to make sure they are getting the most value from their Hybrent subscription. We offer periodic business reviews to help our customers identify opportunities for increased efficiency or cost savings, to demonstrate new features, and provide support. 

Prior to the call, the Customer Success team analyzes the customer’s software usage statistics to understand how things are progressing and to observe any anomalies. For example, if we see they are placing 1000 orders a month but are only receiving 800 of them – something that can affect their inventory management process and invoicing –  we will ask about that. We will point out any issues before they become problems for the organization.

We find that once customers become more comfortable using the platform, they want to learn more about how they can use the software. Customer Success shows them features they may be interested in, explains how to optimize the software to make their lives even easier, and can train users during the call – often using the customer’s own instance of the software. 


Hybrent offers live sessions and self-service training. Live sessions are hosted by a member of our Training team and our Knowledge Base offers instructional documents and videos to provide guided self-service training. Information is available for core workflows or more specific and advanced topics like item catalog management. Materials have been developed to ensure customers are able to learn to use the software at their own pace and at their own level of computer skill knowledge.

Hybrent customers rely on us for advice on supply chain best practices and we want to make sure customers have a great experience working with us. The entire department works together to create seamless transitions from the beginning of the project through the continuous support offered to all of our customers, and why they continue to work with Hybrent.

Hunter Trego - Vice President, Customer Experience

Hunter is responsible for managing the Customer Experience team and he continually identifies opportunities to improve processes and implement best practices that benefit our customers. In his free time, he can be found barbequing and organizing Fantasy Football leagues.