Introduction to Procurement Partners

New to Procurement Partners? This video will outline the basics of our system, including some of the special functionality and features we offer to you and your organization, and why using our service will be a benefit to you!

Ordering Documentation

Document (PDF)Description
User Guide - General Purchasing to Procurement Partners? This guide will cover the basics for getting started, including logging in, updating your password, placing your first order and approving invoices.
Quick Guide - Item Attributes document is a quick reference for the Item Attribute icons used within the Procurement Partners system along with their meanings.
Quick Guide - Editing GL Codes on Orders & Invoices document will clarify how to edit GL codes for both orders and invoices within the Procurement Partners system.
User Guide - Split GL Editing Partners supports split GL editing, allowing you to split a single order, invoice or item across two or more GL codes and/or locations. This document details how to split GLs.
User Guide - Order Approval document is intended to provide instruction on how to approve orders within the Procurement Partners system. If you are a part of the order approval process, this document is for you.
User Guide - Ordering with Multiple Location Access users of the Procurement Partners system only have access to one primary location within their organization. However, some users such as managers of multiple sites, corporate users, or users who float between two or more facilities may need to place orders for more than one location. If you fall into this latter category, then this document is for you.
Quick Guide - Emails (Order Confirmation) document is designed to instruct users on how to opt in to receive order confirmation emails from vendors from whom they order.